Balanced diet

Our diet should be 80 % base-producing and 20 % acid-producing. A basic principle is that fruit and vegetables give a basic reaction while an acid reaction is the consequence of other food. The research of Doctor Ragnar Berg has proved that certain aliments are acid-producing and base-producing respectively.
Examples of acid-producing food:
  • Meat
  • fish
  • eggs
  • pasta
  • porridge oats
  • coffee
  • soft drinks
  • cocoa
  • ketchup
  • pepper
  • mustard
  • sugar
  • white cheese
  • soy beans
  • certain leguminous plants
  • asparagus
  • alcohol
  • medicines
  • tobacco
  • vinegar
Examples of base-producing food:

Avocado, lemon, grapefruit, fresh fruit and berries in general, raisins, maize, vegetables, root vegetables and raw food in particular.

  • When adding sugar raw fruit becomes acid-producing,
    like other food containing sugar.
  • Consumption of base-producing food in a stressed state,
    may result in acid-producing substances.
  • Many of our most effective healing herbs, e.g. stinging nettle,
    ose hip flour and field horsetail, are strongly base-producing.
  • Inorganic acids, in this connection the most important,
    are not affected by cooking but remain unchanged provided
    you do not throw away the cooking water, leach or cause
    similar losses. Bases in particular escape to the cooking
    water or leachate, while acids remain in the cooked food.
    When water is thrown away from cooked vegetables the
    water may become acid-producing although the original
    product was base-producing.
  • When vegetables are grown on inappropriate soils with
    unsuitable fertilisers a change occurs not only in vitamin or
    protein content, but also in the mineral composition and thus
    acid-base. Biologically cultivated vegetables usually become
    more basic.
By eating much vegetables and fruit you could repair the acid-base.
Concentrated green “superfood” like alfalfa, barley grass or algae will help the body become more basic. It is also healthy to drink water containing plenty of freshly squeezed lemon juice, as lemons are base-producing. Consumption of products containing bicarbonate is also an effective way of adding bases. It is also important to improve digestion. Bad digestion gives a sour body – even if you consume base-producing food.
Föda ger upphov till tankar, känslor och handlingar
Utför därför alla handlingar enbart med känslan av uppoffring i hjärtat,
inte med en egennyttig egoistisk känsla.
Resultatet kommer att bli gott eller dåligt, nyttigt eller skadligt,
beroende på typen av handlingar vi utför.
Själva handlingarna beror på känslor av osjälviskhet eller själviskhet.
Känslorna beror i sin tur på tankarna vi har inom oss.
Och tankarna beror på födan vi förtär.
Således får vi följande orsakskedja att;
födan leder till känslor,
känslorna leder till handlingar
och handlingarna leder till resultat.
Dessa resultat i sin tur till leder till fler känslor, av smärta eller glädje,
beroende på;
handlingarnas, känslornas, tankarnas och födans natur.
Utifrån detta kan vi förstå den stora betydelsen av att alltid inta
mycket ren och hälsosam föda.
(Från häftet “Sathya Sai Information” Nr4 dec.2002 årg.17)

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