Georg and UllaLii have tried to demonstrate the bodily processes during intestinal cleansing as well as the composition of plaque. The answers obtained through spectral analysis of the plaque present a very individual picture of the intestinal condition. Analyses disclose strikingly increased values of the heavy metal mercury – particularly for patients with symptoms related to amalgam. Moreover high values of lead, cadmium and aluminium have been found as well as zinc, magnesium and calcium deficiencies, among others.

At the daily “inspection” of the plaque it is possible to examine the intestinal condition of each patient. Stress, cramp, diverticula and toxic acids appear among other things. Acids distinctly appear in the water having passed the intestine. The special GUA recipe expels excess candida from the intestine. On the morning following this candida cure, you could notice that the candida fungus and sometimes also gallstones left the intestine together with the plaque.

The modern medicine of today has difficulty in coping with the diseases caused by our lifestyle. Too many people suffer too much, and often unnecessarily, in spite of the large choice of alternative treatments at hand, complementing modern medicine. Results show that 84 percent of the guests going through the GUA intestinal cleansing cure in the years 1992-1996 were totally relieved from ailments.

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