Experiences – knowledge – conclusions

Below we will describe some health effects and health benefits achieved by our guests through our radical intestinal cleansing cure during our fifteen-year health enterprise in Sweden. We will also present the effects we ourselves have achieved with this cure.

Experienced by the intestinal cleansing of 3 000 guests GUA has been able to draw remarkable conclusions. Seen from without the healing process might be considered a “miracle” but in fact it is very simple. It is only a question of the body’s own self-healing.

This has been evident to us when some guests have used the GUA cure as preparation for an operation. According to the doctors this resulted in an unusually rapid healing and recovery process. Another example is the dentist who discovered that patients having taken the GUA cure more easily tolerated different tooth fillings. Please read the GUA Case Descriptions!

We found that the cure has a strongly relaxing effect on all guests, disregarding the various health problems of our guests. Those who come in pursuit of optimum health and well-being are also helped by the GUA concept. Our cleansing concept has been an effective remedy for all guests accomplishing the GUA cure.

When guests devote themselves to the cure as well as the preparation, and pursue our concept, the health improvements on “body and soul” have occasionally been so rewarding that friends and relatives have been inspired to register for a health cure.

During the cure we discuss food and self-care. We also exercise as a means of retaining health easier.

An important key to maximum health is the individually proper weight, to be achieved through the concrete experience and understanding how food affects the body.

Every person has his own biochemical composition Many factors co-operate and are influenced by e.g.:

  • Food – food supplements
  • Exercise – motion – rest – sleep
  • Nutritional balance – absorption capacity
  •  Environment – internal and external ecology
  • Our genetic heritage, third generation also
  • Reduced function and disease
  • Negative feelings and thoughts
  • Positive feelings and thoughts
  • Purging of toxins, waste products, plaque
  • Physical and mental co-operation
  • The sum of all factors
The body signals what is good and wholesome
We have experienced that it is easier to listen to and co-operate with your body after a thorough purging according to the GUA concept. The achieved sensitivity could be compared to a compass. Having found your own compass you will be able to navigate between the pitfalls and obstacles of your new life when leaving your old life behind.

In his book Are Waerland describes the body as “Maelstrom of diseases”, but after the GUA cure your body will be the abode of the soul and of vital energy.

By experience GUA knows that if ailments are looked upon as unbalance – ill-health only, and not as diseases, the body’s self-healing processes are more easily activated. Through improved sensitivity and awareness you could manage as well as overcome the genetic disposition towards physical unbalance.

To achieve this, various qualities are needed, e.g.: Patience, confidence and avoiding negative feelings like anger, hatred, jealousy, envy. Most people find it hard to disregard their own “ego” which is important to be able to master needs and feelings.

In the environmentally diseased society of today it is of utmost importance to allow oneself time for listening inwards and to the various signals of the body, obeying and caring by action.

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