GUA’s Concept for Candida

By the special GUA concept in combination with the GUA cure for radical intestinal cleansing the candida fungus is driven out of the body.

Plaque and candida inspection:

Each day we inspect plaque (3-5 hg) that left the bowels and can see for ourselves included in the plaque mass the candida fungus that previously stuck to the intestinal wall.
  •  The colour of the candida varies from white – light yellow –
    dark yellow
  • Separate, thin (1-3 mm) white-yellow fibres
  • Fibres “wound” round each other in short or long formations
  • White, big, fibrous clumps
  • Plates, about 7×3 cm with a thickness of 1 mm
  • Large, transparent, faintly green “gelatinous clumps”,
    known as amyloid mass.

The above conditions have been observed with many of our guests who had too much protein-rich food, most probably combined with an incomplete combustion, causing this “protein poisoning”.

You feel a distinct bodily “alleviation”, physically as well as emotionally, as the candida fungus, accompanied by other toxins, leave the body.

The human being has today forgotten that her body with its heritage of genes originates from the Stone Age. Our bodies require motion simple, nutritious food enough rest and sleep.

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