GUA’s Radical Coloncleansing

GUA Coloncleansing.

The American Dr Bernard Jensen serves as a model to GUA. In his book “Tissue cleansing through bowel management” he describes the plaque and the importance of intestinal cleansing. Also the American Robert Gray, with well-tried experience, has demonstrated that it is of utmost importance to cleanse the intestinal system from plaque, acids and other toxins preventing the absorption of nutrition in the gastrointestinal tract.

The healing process is rapidly activated when the body is provided with new energy by the radical GUA cleansing process. This is usually achieved after 3-5 days of cleansing. And this is why GUA has invested in the intestinal cleansing concept, refined after 15 years’ experience and with excellent result today.
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See also our presentation headlined “Intestinal plaque” about the build-up of layers of plaque and diverticula among Western World people, preventing the absorption of nutrition.

The GUA Treatment for the “environmentally diseased human being”

In 1990 Georg and UllaLii opened a Health Centre in the province of Hälsingland, Sweden, where diseased as well as healthy people were offered help. They also studied other thorough intestinal cleansing cures but found that their own method was most like the Indian Life and Health Science Ayur-Veda. They decided on this method as it brings a quick, evident and effective result for the process of regaining health and energy.

From 1985 until July 1999 GUA has received about 3000 guests accomplishing this health cure. Since 1992 GUA has systematically documented the results from each guest going through the intestinal cleansing cure. These results were followed up to enable evaluation of the method and get confirmation of the concept efficiency. They then discovered that the GUA concept was more radical and effective than expected when starting. Moreover, the method was gradually refined over the years. GUA perceived that an inner cleansing was the basis for preventing and treating most diseases.

Methods – concept The GUA method is based on a preparation period at home of one and up to three weeks with easily digested food according to a specified scheme. As the guests arrive at the Health Centre the radical cure starts with relieving the intestinal tract from old faeces by means of a natural method. This is an absolute condition for the success of the concept and for the plaque removal.

On the following morning the guests drink about two litres of water, lightly salted to prevent the water taken in the morning to pass out through the kidneys. Important! All water must pass through the large intestine. During the following few hours you drink 3-4 litres of ordinary drinking-water (spring water), also passing out through the intestine to flush thoroughly the entire digestive system. At specified times during the day the special GUA liquid “diet” is consumed, containing various nutritional drinks, herbal teas, juices and so on and also GUA’s own, unique herbal blend. The morning climax is the remarkable purging of plaque, stuck for years to the inside of the large intestine and possibly causing health problems. Plaque may prevent metabolism and the assimilation of nutrition and cause unbalance as well as ill-health. Simultaneously, a large amount of acids are driven off through the intestine by drinking basic herbal decoctions and various juices with the herbal mixture.

Radical purging of plaque, acids and candida albicans Each day the GUA guests have a natural voiding of a black, sticky, solid, rubbery substance = plaque. The plaque may have various lengths up to one metre altogether, whereas the weight may vary between 2-5 hg plaque for each person and day. Thus, during the seven-day cure about 4 kg of poisonous plaque may leave the bowel in a natural way. As this plaque leaves the internal intestinal wall, layer by layer, a large amount of excess acids and other toxins are removed. If desired, our guests may avail themselves of the possibility to drive out also the excess intestinal fungus candida albicans by means of a special GUA recipe. When achieving a balanced intestinal pH value, parasites – worms disappear, as they cannot survive in the bowel without protective plaque.

GUA also offers a recipe for voiding the gall bladder on large amounts of gallstones (bilirubins and cholesterol stones), which leave the bowel in company with the plaque

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