My lifelong, painful headache has completely vanished

Things are happening here! My lifelong, painful headache has completely vanished!!! The eye spasms have improved. My whole body feels more flexible – no stiff fingers in the morning. I also seem to endure smells better. I do not feel the gastritis and am breathing more easily. The throat mucus has disappeared completely. Having lived on medicines for years I could now live without them. For me this is a miracle and it shall remain that way! I feel happy, alert and full of expectation.

Carina -98

Normal cholesterol today

Once again I want to thank Georg for the special treatment I enjoyed during my stay with you. I am most grateful for your understanding and support. I would like to describe the results from two weeks of preparation and taking the GUA cure. For seven years my cholesterol values were higher than 7. Two years ago I tried fish-oil and low-calorie food to reduce my values. I achieved a marginal reduction down to 6,8. In December 1997 my cholesterol value was 7,8, accompanied by otherwise bad quotients. The Monday following the GUA cure I took a blood test again, and was surprised – as was also my family doctor. My cholesterol had been reduced to 5,5 accompanied by only good quotients! I never came close to those values during seven years of regular cholesterol tests. Thanks once again for all.

Lennart - 98

No more muscular ache in shoulders, arms, neck, hip or legs

Three months have now passed since my stay with you at GUA. When coming to you I felt like a sinking ship. I walked by help of a crutch, that was my necessary company every day for more than a year. As I arrived to you I left my crutch in the car. There it has remained for more than three months. The awful pains in my hip are almost gone and my muscular ache cause no major problems. It is a fantastic experience to be able to sleep and be spared from lying awake at night owing to pains. Before coming to you I had frequent pains in muscles and muscular attachments in shoulders, arms, neck, hip and legs. Many times I thought: “If I could only feel like a human being for just one day”. Thanks to you I now feel well and cannot find the right words for what you have achieved. Tell all people taking your cures not to give up, the help comes from Ulla and Georg. PS. I was not able to ride a bike for more than two years, but now I am. Nor could I pick berries for two years. Now I spend time in the woods almost every day, picking berries and selling. Thanks a lot both of you.

Elsy - 92

The previous chronic constipation has disappeared

From the Central Health Care District – The County Council of Värmland. The patient M who stayed at your Health Centre, has recovered considerably after the cure. Her previous chronic constipation has disappeared, and almost also her abdominal pains. She was also made aware that her problems were stress related and will now do something about this. Thus the patient is very satisfied with her stay at GUA, and I, as attending Doctor, want to agree. You have succeeded where we, in conventional health care, have failed.

Ex officio - Dr F -92

Relieved of Borrelia bacteria and Baker’s cyst

I am grateful that you received me at GUA in spite of my age. One of my ailments was too high level of Borrelia bacteria in the blood. My doctor wanted to prescribe penicillin – but I told him that I was going to GUA and the treatment was postponed. Having been to GUA I got the following information: “Only traces of Borrelia bacteria”, and thus no need for penicillin. A few years ago I contracted Baker’s cyst in my right knee when falling. In falling I also hurt my right shoulder. This occurred after my doctor prescribed four different sorts of medicines for lowering the blood pressure, making me very giddy. After my stay at GUA the muscular lesion of the shoulder joint has almost healed and Baker’s cyst in my right knee has gone completely.

Lilly -97

Twenty years of pain and agony are over

The whole body full of mercury and worn-out disks in the lumbar part of the back. In that miserable state my naprapath gave me the following advice: “There is a Holistic Centre in Friggesund – the county of Hälsingland. They will help you to purge your body of all kinds of toxins and teach you the art of listening to your inner voice”. Intestines, liver, kidneys, pancreas etc. talk to me every day – listen and learn. Ten tough days with “the angels” UllaLii and Georg, vitamins, minerals and an abundance of love from these wonderful persons. As I told you, ten tough days and the toxins had left my body. THIS IS TRUE! What remained was the removal of amalgam from my teeth – a cleaning up that took one year. Then my worn-out lumber part of the back was operated. I called GUA and got good advice how to prepare my body before the operation. I followed these recommendations exactly. Since my stay at GUA we have had constant contact – I trust UllaLii and Georg to 110 percent regarding diet and supplements but also concerning the various signals of the body. Moreover, they are a strong social support on all occasions. The operation went beyond expectation and I will recover completely. My new life has now started at the age of 55, thanks to GUA and Patrik. I recommend GUA Holistic Centre with all my heart.

Barbro -94

No more gastritis or overweight. My psoriasis improved by 60 %

I would like to tell you how I feel after my stay with you at GUA 1. My three-year chronic gastritis is cured. 2. I lost 6 kg at GUA and have later lost another 10 kg. Totally 16 kg. A necessary reduction considering my overweight, accompanied by health problems and mental depression. 3. My psoriasis has improved by about 60%. Almost no psoriasis on the hands. The improvement seems to be constant. 4. Shortsightedness reduced by 0,7 dioptres on left eye and one whole dioptre for the right. This was checked twice with a fortnight’s interval and was no coincidence. I had to buy new glasses. 5. Increased energy. I am convinced that I would never have been able to reduce weight on my own, nor to switch to a vegetarian diet.

Åke -94

No more sinusitis or heartburn.

My constipation and heartburn are gone completely and so is my sinusitis, tormenting me as long as I could remember. Today I lead a more active life and have more energy in spite of eating and sleeping less. I now consume healthier food. It is wise to invest in your health, irrespective of the cost. GUA is a safe bet when you are in search of good health.

Nicholas -98

No more need for Levaxin

I feel much better and not so tired. Before the GUA cure I took the medicine Levaxin every day for my thyroid gland. Now I do not need this medicine any more and I feel very well. My thyroid gland operates normally again. Very impressive! For five years I had pains in my body. Now the pains are gone and this is a fantastic feeling. My PMS-troubles have abated. The candida has been reduced. On the whole I am very grateful to you for being able to help me.

Marianne -97

The mercury content of the intestine has been reduced 30 times after the GUA cure

My stiffness and constipation have been considerably reduced. The high mercury content of my intestine (faeces) was reduced by 30 times after the effective GUA intestinal cleansing cure. Thanks for your commitment!

Anders -97

My electric hypersensitivity has considerably decreased. The migraine attacks have totally vanished.

I was ill for 8 years after spending one year in front of the monitor for about 10 hours a day. My symptoms affected almost the entire body. Today, after the GUA cure I feel much better – the electric hypersensitivity has been reduced to a large extent and I am able to spend time in electric environments without feeling bad. Now I also have bowel movements at least once a day. My severe external joint disorder is gone and I am able to run, which is a marvellous feeling. Also my migraine that used to come back twice a month disappeared after the cleansing at GUA. I stopped taking anti-inflammatory medicines already when preparing for GUA. The amount of plaque in the intestine is incredible – no wonder I have been feeling bad and no wonder my body signalled intoxication symptoms.

Birgitta -97

Twenty years of ache and constipation are gone

For 20 years I have suffered from ache and constipation. Now these ailments are completely gone thanks to Ulla and Georg. I am no longer attacked by recurrent colds – my immunological defence has improved and I feel very, very healthy. Thanks a lot for everything you did and still do for me and others.

Rosita - 97

Giddiness, migraine, chronic fatigue, plantar wart and heel cracks are gone completely

I do not feel so tired and I am not so apt at getting hoarse. The eczema on my hands has almost disappeared. I feel much better and have much more physical strength. When doing physical exercise I manage the entire training session without running out of stem half-way, like I used to do before I went to GUA. My stomach feels much better, which means that the diffuse pains around the diaphragm are gone. The three-year-old plantar wart has disappeared. My feet are softer and the heel cracks are gone.
Thanks for everything!

Dag -97

No more infected intestinal diverticula

Have no more trouble with infected intestinal diverticula. Today my body is in good shape and is busy trying to do everything. In other words, I cannot remember that I ever felt as good as now. Before I had no energy. My husband took care of everything – cleaning, cooking etc. I only asked God to let me die. After drinking water I now get up and I go outside to dig up potatoes and pick the greenstuff for our meals. I cook, clean and busy myself with everything more carefully than ever. Life is wonderful. I am happy that you exist!

Margit - 97

According to X ray I now got rid of my intestinal infection I am no longer suffering from intestinal infection.

My doctor had my small intestine as well as my large intestine X-rayed and no traces of infection were found. Actually I feel terrific! My colleagues caught heavy colds several times this spring, but I never caught it.

Monica -97

I became a world champion!

I recently returned from the Masters World Championship in Estonia and was very successful considering the results. I actually became the world champion of jumping as well as alpine combination. This makes me very satisfied, and so far this is one of my best seasons ever. Naturally many factors influence the performances and many people helped me over the years. However, I would like to mention that you at GUA influenced me strongly, physically as well as mentally.

I am very grateful for all support, inspiration and knowledge you gave me during my cures with you.


Symptoms of dental intolerance reactions

By Karin Öckert, registered dentist and periodontology specialist Extract from article published in “Näringsråd och näringsrön” 1999;4(4):2